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Apple is an American manufacturer of personal computers and smartphones. Tablet computers, computer peripherals, and computer software.

It was the first successful personal computer company. The popularizer of the graphical user interface. Headquarter located in Cupertino, California.

Apple has become one of the most revered technology companies in the world. It is the most recognized as the most advanced technology company.  Some would say it is the best technology company in the world.

Their products range from phones known as the iPhone. Tablets known as the Ipads, laptops known as the Macbooks, desktops known as the Imacs. Smartwatches entertainment gadgets like the apple tv. Sound gadgets like AirPods, earpods, headphones, and home pods.

Apple has also emerged into the pool of tech companies. That towards the future with AI becoming part of our lives. Also has used Siri the intelligent voice assistant that has seen a huge leap into the future.

The homepod can control your home and do most of your home duties by commanding it to do so. Propelled by the popularity of the iPhone, in 2018. It became the first company to reach a value of one trillion dollars.

Two years later Apple became the first company to double that figure. This shows how Apple products loved and trusted by many across the globe.

There has been an increase in the customer base in Kenya. Iphones in Kenya have become popular.


Apple is well known for releasing top-notch products that always outshines the previous. But still, maintain high quality. Up-to-date software that makes sure whether you are using an old model. The latest model you are enjoying the service of each one of them.

Apple’s old model Iphones and Ipads have cameras that beat the high-end phones from other brands. This makes it by far a very powerful and preferred product.

Not to mention the security that comes with all Apple products. Backed by the latest, high-grade security. You can be sure to have your privacy in check. Your information secure without anyone even Apple ever accessing it.

In the last 10 years, iPhone could be the only smartphone that went mainstream. Creating billion-dollar corporations, rearranging existing industries, and changing the world.

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