Realme Bigtech SolutionsChongqing Mobile Telecommunications Corporation, Ltd. Realme is a smartphone manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China. Established by Li Bingzhong on May 4, 2018. The brand falls in the category of the newest mid-range smartphones in the market. It is an affordable smartphone with top-line features.

Realme phones in Kenya became very popular. Kenyans looking to buy an affordable smartphone with most features of a high-notch. Phone can buy any Realme phone from Bigtech solutions. With over 30 models, everyone will be spoilt for choice. You sure can’t miss your best fit.

But, is 100% focused on producing cheap, powerful mobile phones. The company’s phones are good-looking, delivering huge amounts of specs. Performance while keeping the price of its flagship models favorable.

You can rely on Realme phones to have impressive specs and features but relatively low prices, making them great for people who want a taste of the high life, without paying too much.
Also worth noting, Realme phones have great user experience, customer service when you develop issues with your phone and ease in compatibility.

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