Syinix - Bigtech SolutionsSyinix is a global smart home appliance brand that the philosophy of ‘Starting Smart Life’. Established since in 2015. The brand pursues innovative functional design. With a lengthy list of products in their name. Syinix is fast rising keeping up with the giants in the appliances industry.

Their products include television sets, washing machines, microwave ovens, cookers, and refrigerators. Also electric kettles, wireless audio, blenders, sandwich makers, and water dispensers. And fans, chest freezers, air conditioners, iron boxes, and air coolers. Their mission is simple, to push to the future.

They have done a good job in making their products smart and striving to match the top brands in the market. Their products designed for your home to look like a piece of art. The user experience is spectacular. They have pushed their brand to ensure that all their products are easy to use.

Syinix has spared no efforts to make sure they have integrated their brand with Africa. Syinix TVs in Kenya are most popular with the demand for smart TVs growing fast. They have made sure they meet this demand catering for the low-budget users. High-quality smart Tv is now affordable more than ever thanks to brands like Syinix.

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