Hand Boss Universal Foam Clean Agent

Hand Boss Universal Foam Clean Agent

  • Weight: 1kg
  • Brand: Handboss
  • Quality: New
  • Quantity: 65o  ml

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Hand Boss Universal Foam Clean Agent

  • The Handboss Universal Foam Cleaning Agent contains a natural surface-active agent with fast penetration and cleaning property for powerful dirt-removing performance. This non-toxic, anti-microbial and deodorizing agent can be used on surfaces of machines, metals, plastic, various office equipment including computers, photocopy machines, printers, interior and exterior surfaces of the car and industry machines, furniture, floor, and ceramic products.  New Natural Green CleanersThis product is made of natural surface-active agents which extract from the raw material of original halos. It has plant essence with powerful cleaning properties, refined by scientific processing with characteristics of environmental protection, sterilization, and non-toxic.



    The surface of the machine, on Metals, Surface of various office equipment Including computer, copy machine, and printer, etc…

    Handboss Boss Universal Foam Cleaning Agent - Green ...

    General Description 

    • The product is mainly made of natural surface-active agents with fast penetration and cleaning property and powerful dirt removing performance.
    • Apply advanced technology, contain non-toxic and anti-microbial.
    • Free of phosphor and harmful organic solvent to remove animal and plant oil, lubricant, etc.
    • It is also applicable for water scald, bitumen, ink, and carbon powder.
    • Plenty of foam, high adhesion, convenient for washing.
    • It generates an elegant fragrance after use.

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