No Touch Door Exit 2023

Advantages of No Touch Door Exit

  • “No Touch” trigger
  • Multi-coloured LEDs
  • Compatible with most existing access control systems
  • Quick to install in place of current ‘push to exit’ button
  • Adjustable operating distance

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About No Touch Door Exit 2023

The No Touch Door Exit 2023 is Ideal for hospitals, veterinary surgeries, and catering premises, the stainless steel no-touch door release exit button offers a hygeinic solution to unlocking doors, allowing you to present your hand to the reader without making contact, for hands-free door control.

No Touch Door Exit
No Touch Door Exit


Having a touchless operation is crucial for environments where hygiene is critical, and this infra-red driven contactless exit button is an impressively low-cost solution.

The circular surround to the infra-red sensor hosts a ring of LED lights, which in ‘standby’ state glows red, drawing attention to the door release button, and switches to green as soon as a hand (or object) is presented within the defined range, indicating that the relay has switched, and the door release (or whatever you use this for), has been engaged/disengaged depending on your configuration.

No Touch Door Exit -BigTech CCTV

The unit has been designed to fit into a standard single-gang way, and we also have available a surface-mount kit, should you wish to have it proud rather than flush fitting into the wall.

Contactless Metal No Touch Exit Button Switch proftech

No Touch Door Exit -BigTech CCTV

Touchless Exit Button for Access Control System It is contacted Less Push Button for Door Opening

No Touch Door Exit -BigTech CCTV

No Touch Exit Switch features;

  • The switch responds agilely and quickly. IP-55 industrial protection level…
  • No-touch to unlock avoid disease infection…
  • Detection range: 0.1 ~ 10 cm..


  • Used for Gate/Door/Exit/Automation control..
  • Led indicator: Power on, blue led on; hand close to the sensor area, red led on..

No Touch Door Exit -BigTech CCTV

No Touch Door Exit 2023 information

Pattern Name: Infrared

Technical Details

Touchless switch stainless steel infrared sensor exit button for door access control
. No touch / Touch free Exit Sensor (Diffused Detection)
· Optical / Infrared Technology
· IP-55 Ingress Protection / SUS 304 Stainless steel Plate
· User friendly (Healthy protection)
·· Free from contagious diseases spread
· Detection range: 0.1 ~ 10 cm


Gate/Door/Exit/Automation control
·· High capacity of relay dry contact (3A/AC120V,DC30V)
· Normally open/Normally close/Common relay output
· Twin led indicators for sensor standby or approached :
(1) Sensor Standby: BLUE LED ON
(2) Visitors whom approached to the sensor in 10 cm : RED LED ON

This DC 12-24V touch exit release button switch offers a reliable design for your access control system.


-Dimensions: L70xW115(mm)
– Standard Structure: inductive to exit
– Input : DC12-24V
– Working current: 50mA
– Output Contact: NONCCOM

– Mechanical Life: 500000 tested
– Applicable categories: for 86 bottom box or hollow door installation
– Operating temp: -20Celsius – +50Celsius
– Suitable Humidity: 0-95% (relative humidity)
– Sensing distance: 5-15CM adjustable

– LED Indicator:

1)White LED indicator: Power OFF;

2)Blue LED indicator: Power ON (standby);

3)Green LED indicator: Power ON (sensation)
– Weight: 0.77kg/0.169lb/2071oz

Package Include: – 1 x Inductive Exit Release Button Switch – 1 x Installation Kit

No Touch Door Exit -BigTech CCTV

IP68 Distance Adjustable Time Delay Adjustable Access control infrared sensor Exit Button Touchless Exit Switch Button

Product name Infrared Touchless No Touch  button
Size 30(L)*25(W)mm
Diameter 28mm
Material 304 stainless steel
Weight 0.03kg/pcs

IP68 Distance Adjustable Time Delay Adjustable Access control infrared sensor Exit Button No Touch Touchless Exit Switch Button

By taking away the need to physically press a button to release a door, you can lower the risk of germs and viruses to be passed on via person-to-surface contact. A low-cost, effective solution to hands-free door control.

Infrared detection activates the switch with just a hand being in proximity, without direct contact.

The system can be connected directly to an access control device to be used as an entry/exit button or installed as a standalone device.

No Touch Door Exit -BigTech CCTV

The built-in relay with timer is suitable to operate fail-secure and fail-safe locking devices. The bi-colored LED indicator gives visual verification of the device’s status.

The infra-red device detects movement within close range and automatically opens the connecting door.

Advantages of the No Touch Door Exit 2023

  • Multi-colored LEDs
  • Compatible with most existing access control systems
  • Quick to install in place of current ‘push to exit button
  • Adjustable operating distance

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